Zeta System FTS

A unique system for group exercise.

The Zeta System FTS flooring system features a wood surface with an FTS shock-absorbing underlayment to consistently provide the perfect balance of energy return, shock absorption, and vertical deformation.

The right choreography, rhythm, and spirit can help make group exercise fun and beneficial. But having the right flooring also is critical. Zeta System FTS combines the look of wood parquet with a uniform elastic response for both performance and comfort.

Natural wood for purists.

Zeta System FTS comprises a single layer of slatted phenolic plywood onto which the surface wood flooring is affixed and finished with a high-resistance varnish.
Shock absorption is provided by an FTS pre-manufactured elastic underlayment that is made with granules from post-consumer recycled materials. The  elastic underlayment provides excellent comfort, consistent shock absorption, and a uniform response across the entire surface.
The system is recommended for facilities with underfloor heating systems, because Zeta System FTS provides homogenous and continuous heat diffusion on the surface.

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Product Variants:

Zeta System FTS 38 mm


Thickness: 38 mm

Weight: 19.8 kg/m²


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval for Wooden Flooring Category, Level 1, 2 and 3


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