Unique because it’s multi-functional.

MondoFunctional is a MONDO sports surface module comprising different surfaces. In one small space, it provides the ideal flooring for the biomechanics of the different movements that make up your functional training.

The beauty of functional training is its variety: a mix of power, elasticity and movement. But a complete workout requires support that is both constant and ideal for each specific activity. That’s why MONDO has designed a modular sport surfaces solution that ensures different biomechanical responses based on the exercises being performed. MondoFunctional makes it simple for groups or individual athletes to do complete, specialized functional training workouts in a small space. It enables complete focus and accurate execution of specific exercises without the risk of injury. 

Mondotrack: A record workout

The Performance area is dedicated to preparing and strengthening the athlete with sprinting and jumping exercises. With Mondotrack, athletes can beat their own records on the same surface that’s used in the Olympic Games—one with an optimal mix of return of energy return, shock absorption and comfort.

Ramflex Inlaid Markings: Making the best move

The Movement area is designed for kinesthetic training —improving quality of movement and coordination. With its non-porous, waterproof surface, Ramflex Inlaid Markings ensures the ideal grip and the maximum protection against humidity and mold, enabling users to safely train with their hands on the floor, with minimal footwear or even barefoot. The surface also allows you to define the training area directly on the flooring, and because the inlays are created by water jet, tile markings are made with a single material, ensuring the entire surface’s elastic response remains uniform over time.

Ramflex: At the base of your power.

No functional circuit is complete without an area dedicated to and where you can do powerlifting, core training and free weight exercises. But using heavy equipment without the proper base—a surface that gives athletes optimal shock absorption and perfect stability—can be potentially harmful. That’s why we have included MONDO flooring in the MondoFunctional design for strength training: to offer a safe surface that best supports the weight of benches, kettlebells and disks. It’s a surface that’s powerful, like you.

Mobility Area: Find your balance.

The area dedicated to joint mobility training, balance and movement control must ensure the perfect grip coefficient for safe floor workouts that keep athletes from slipping. But stability-enhancing exercises also require maximum comfort, which is why MONDO offers multi-layered systems with shock absorbing underlayers. In addition to providing optimal energy return, these underlayers ensure a feeling of uniform elasticity during training. 


Module Components:

Ramflex MondoArmor Ramflex Inlaid Markings Mondotrack

Color Range

  • G920
  • G712
  • G741
  • G715
  • G707
  • G710
  • G986
  • G790


Thickness: 3/8" (10 mm)

Length: 29'6" (Min. 19'8", Max. 36'1")

Width: 6'

Weight: 3.2 lbs/sq.ft.

Tile Size: 36" x 36"
(91.35 x 91.35cm)


  • Greenguard Certification
  • Greenguard Gold Certification


Product Sheet

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS_Mondo Athletic Surfacing Rubber Sheets (R042914) (EN)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS_Mondo Athletic Surfacing Rubber Tiles (R042914) (EN)

Mondo Limited Warranty_RAMFLEX (REGULAR) (R062716) (EN)

Mondo Limited Warranty_RAMFLEX (USE OF ICE SKATES) (R062716) (EN)

Specifications_Ramflex (6 mm) R091019 (EN)

Specifications_Ramflex (10 mm) R091019 (EN)

Specifications_Ramflex (12 mm) R091019 (EN)

Specifications_Ramflex Strength (18 mm) R091019 (EN)

Maintenance_Mondo Indoor Athletic Flooring (R100219) (EN)

Color Range

  • ME10
  • ME04
  • ME07
  • ME21
  • ME17
  • ME16
  • ME12
  • ME14


Thickness: 6 mm

Weight: kg/m²

Tile Size: 91.4 x 91.4 cm


Product Sheet

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS_Mondo Athletic Surfacing Rubber Sheets (R042914) (EN)

MondoArmor_Installation Instructions (R031816) (EN)

Specifications_MondoArmor (6mm) R062716 (EN)

Mondo Limited Warranty_MONDOARMOR (6 mm) (R062716) (EN)

Mondo Limited Warranty_MONDOARMOR SYSTEM (18 mm) (R062716) (EN)

Specifications_MondoArmor (6 mm) R091019 (EN)

Specifications_MondoArmor Strength (18 mm) R091019 (EN)

Maintenance_Mondo Indoor Athletic Flooring (R100219) (EN)


Thickness: 10 mm

Weight: 13.5 kg/m²

Tile Size: 91.35 x 91.35 cm


Product Sheet


Thickness: 8 mm

Length: 9.135 m

Width: 90 cm

Weight: 9.5 kg/m²


Product Sheet


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