Research is in our DNA

MONDO surfaces and turf systems feature exclusive technologies to assure athletes unparalleled performances.



There is a formula for victory. It resides not only in the lab, but in the very places where sport lives.

By collaborating closely with athletes and international sports federations, MONDO learns what an athlete needs to move better. With this information, our laboratories create technology and solutions designed for the biomechanics of each sports discipline. It’s the foundation of our research and it results in us developing the best surfaces for every athletic movement and setting the stage for success. For scores of athletes, MONDO’s formula means victory.

The Mondo Research Centres in Gallo d’Alba (Italy), Foetz (Luxembourg) and Borja (Spain) work alongside  local production sites to develop technologically advanced products that can improve athletic performance and safety, while meeting the requisites of  individual sports' disciplines and  international standards.

Quality checks are carried out  for every single processing phase: on  raw materials, compounds  and finished products.

To develop sport surfaces that support athletes in reaching their goal.