1 <p>Push yourself a step farther, an inch higher, a millisecond faster. Athletics is a constant quest for perfection. But to reach it, you need to start under the best conditions.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 937 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 Equipment,id_famiglia=6 EN 32 track-and-field Track & Field Track & Field Track & Field [empty string] 9,8,121,122 Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Track&Field 53 0 [empty string] Athletics has never been easier. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] TRACK & FIELD Track & Field Flooring 57E3C6D5-A4AB-2F8F-631D584D65DBC5E0 5D510841-F28E-8F4A-E08EEC2D989A5944 5D538737-DAF3-BF93-85A1D44DE3BCE0C5 3E3DCFA0-E468-4A15-D02568F774C799B1 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
2 <p>The cheers of the crowd,&nbsp;respect for a shirt, silence prior to&nbsp;a penalty kick. Soccer is not a game, it&#39;s a faith.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 939 2 [empty string] [empty string] 32 turf en 86 soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer (US) [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Soccer 93 0 [empty string] The field advantage will always be in your favor. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] Soccer [empty string] 5A93B894-E36F-E648-1FE603F317C4726B 9BA083F3-E4E6-601F-4AB2F25C54ADB202 6B86470F-A127-D364-F99299809E424423 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
3 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 941 2 [empty string] [empty string] 32 [empty string] en 138 basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball (US) [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Basketball 143 [empty string] [empty string] The law of gravity is made to be broken. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] Basketball [empty string] 303A150A-A6A5-9D77-4BD753D991D289EF 9BA978D3-A751-1E47-709C66CBF8617656 6B3447F4-ADEF-7D50-FFB8E14AF3C8C827 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
4 <p>For the best interaction between your body and the floor, put all your energy into the only thing that counts: your workout.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 942 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 Activities EN 144 fitness Fitness [empty string] Fitness [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Fitness 173 [empty string] [empty string] You are the athlete. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] FITNESS Gym, Fitness Flooring 58567EC6-9FAF-8039-076ACDC9B19ED5BF CB153789-B7DD-464F-79EDB9FB2210C252 9BAFAE9D-0DD7-35DA-84867DBA4418A965 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
5 <p>Resistance, power and strength: you and your training floor have a lot in common.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 943 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 [empty string] EN 174 strength-and-conditioning Strength & Conditioning [empty string] Strength & Conditioning [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Strength&Conditioning 185 [empty string] [empty string] Reach your maximum potential. Go beyond your personal best. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING Weight Lifting Gym Flooring, Strength and Conditiong, Fitness 58FDF24B-EF80-CFDC-6FA260486254CD9C 471D50F9-D952-DB5D-D07F7B552BBEA5A9 9BB4994C-0648-B5C4-359C5720A23CFFAA [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
6 <p>Above all else maintain the athlete&rsquo;s health. Because physical activity is a serious matter, even when it&rsquo;s a game.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 944 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 [empty string] EN 186 running-and-recreation Running & Multisport [empty string] Running & Multisport [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Running&Multisport 191 [empty string] [empty string] You don’t need to compete to be a champion. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] RUNNING AND RECREATIONAL Running, Jogging Track 5903B185-EC3A-0272-A11289BFB930F2D0 9BB8B3B6-9C5D-7DEC-F25328556557249F 6B803163-04A7-260A-B040A9AB97D37030 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
7 <p>Step onto the court with confidence. Your opponent may be tough, but so are you.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 946 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 Equipment,id_categoria=39 EN 200 tennis Tennis [empty string] Tennis [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Tennis 209 0 [empty string] Game, set, match. You got this. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] TENNIS Tennis Court, Surfaces 58ED9E49-CC03-79C9-32567B304CC8EACF 9BC96D47-CB45-0894-067DE315208A551C 9BCAEAA0-9D59-E2C2-2A1CFF675A01D5F9 3EE3FB40-91E6-7BA9-5BA65797ADAB710F [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
8 <p>Teamwork that&rsquo;s tight, balls that fly into the goal. Field hockey is pure passion. Live it up.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 947 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 turf EN 214 field-hockey Field Hockey Field Hockey Field Hockey [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_FieldHockey 219 0 [empty string] Played on grass … but no walk in the park. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] FIELD HOCKEY Field Hockey Court Flooring 5924DC76-EC55-9578-DBD9149A7B0A21ED 5D3F5B77-F398-9744-14775405DB8DEB6C 9BCF860C-9C75-2A09-ACEAB241718099CE [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
9 <p>A soft surface for a tough game, with shock absorption that prevents injury. Because rugby can be played only one way: with no fear.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 948 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 turf EN 220 rugby Rugby [empty string] Rugby [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Rugby 229 0 [empty string] When joining the scrum is the best way to stand out. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] RUGBY Rugby Court, Field 5878084C-BF34-E5E1-96E5510DFEF1AD6B 5D44D03B-FE2D-5B7E-B3E4A23AC4E06EA0 9BD4B347-0C68-E1F4-4A24A11075948D58 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
10 <p>There&rsquo;s no room for uncertainty on the field. Make every yard between you and the goalposts matter, and give it your all.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 949 2 [empty string] [empty string] 32 turf EN 230 american-football American Football American Football American Football (US) [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_AmericanFootball 241 0 [empty string] Every competition is your own personal “big game.” [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] FOOTBALL [empty string] 58821B81-B4CD-6E89-8A4DB118F60AC253 9BD8C690-D4F1-45D1-FFC6A520B4E58982 6B477FF2-F6CD-9F79-80ECED19E5FDBB4C [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
11 <p>Pass, set, block, spike, score. With confidence and focus, you&#39;re a winner.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 951 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 Equipment,id_categoria=38 EN 252 volleyball Volleyball [empty string] Volleyball [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Volleyball 269 0 [empty string] A smashing success. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] VOLLEYBALL Volleyball Court, Field, Floor 58C15C07-D591-BC91-1925C3E683472008 9BE2DB4F-D837-4F13-955F94C93B66532A 9BE45ECA-EF90-A37C-DAE531741C96E64D 3EE84FF9-EF1A-D30F-592A48E34EEFC9E7 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
12 <p>Control, speed and constant change-ups. Futsal is a true game philosophy, where big things can happen on a small court.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 952 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 Equipment,id_categoria=36 EN 270 futsal Futsal Futsal Futsal [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_Futsal 283 0 [empty string] Fear no opponent on this court. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] FUTSAL Futsal Court, Field, Floor 58B45045-BC91-4D98-43E07332DA13A826 CB25434A-D9CD-9C2A-B35C3B8F319B1C9B 6B4C1545-C9C5-5FC4-E15EDFD6182C4778 3EEBCA8B-9FC0-7A33-2A83891988FC0DEB [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
13 <p>Hear the roar of the fans, see your breath in the air, feel the excitement in the arena. Hockey players get fired up before they even step onto the ice.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 953 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 [empty string] EN 284 ice-hockey Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice Hockey [empty string] Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_IceHockey 291 [empty string] [empty string] Hockey‘s greatest support. After the fans. [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] ICE HOCKEY Ice Hockey Field, Flooring 591A19EC-D039-6FC5-8E7447A20402D9FF 5C478853-B047-FBFF-32D5314D985662F0 6B7920B2-E305-92C4-06A29CD5CE863C4A [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
14 <p>In sports, every performance begins very simply&mdash;when the athlete makes contact with the surface on which he moves. A step &hellip; a jump &hellip; a landing. This is where it starts.</p> [empty string] [empty string] 4 [empty string] 1170 1 [empty string] [empty string] 32 raccoglitore EN 292 sport-indoor Sport Indoor Sport Indoor Raccoglitore Indoor [empty string] 946,1121,940,950,951,952 Root - Sito 2017 - Products (Sports) - Root_Sito2017_Products(Sports)_SportIndoor 293 0 [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] Indoor Sport [empty string] 740482A8-BF6A-AC76-13E173212999C4AC [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string] [empty string]
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